Frequently Asked Questions About the New Turnitin Feedback Studio LTI 1.3 Integration

When will old Turnitin Assignments no longer be available?

Old Turnitin Assignments will no longer be available as of August 31, 2022. Please make sure that you are using new Turnitin LTI Assignments for all courses beginning in the Fall 2022 semester. Please make sure that all grading is complete by August 31, 2022.

What happens if I need to access one of my old Turnitin Assignments after August 31, 2022?

Old Turnitin Assignments will no longer be available in Blackboard after August 31, 2022, but they will continue to exist on the Turnitin web site. Instructors will need to use the password reset option, along with their Blackboard email address, to create a password to use for accessing all of their past assignments and submissions.

Will my old Turnitin Assignments automatically be deleted from Blackboard?

No, you will need to delete each of your old Turnitin Assignments. If you delete your old Turnitin Assignments BEFORE August 20, 2022, please click on the assignment first to re-establish the integration and then delete to prevent "ghosted" columns in your Blackboard Grade Center. You will then need to delete the column from the Blackboard Grade Center. If you delete your old Turnitn Assignments AFTER August 20, 2022 your old Turnitin Assignment columns will be "ghosted." Please contact your instructional technologist for assistance.

Do I add a new Turnitin LTI Assignment from the same place in Blackboard?

No, you add a new Turnitin LTI Assignment by clicking the "Build Content" tab and then "Turnitin LTI 1.3."

Blackboard Learn's "Build Content" drop-down menu with arrow pointing to "Turnitin LTI 1.3"

Are the settings the same for new Turnitin LTI Assignments?

Although there are minor differences, the settings are very similar to those that were available in old Turnitin Assignments. One difference is that "Post date" is now called "Feedback Release Date."

New Turnitin Assignments settings options

How do I change the settings of a new Turnitin LTI Assignment after it has been created?

If you need to modify the settings of your new Turnitin LTI Assignment after it has been created, click on the link/icon for the Turnitin Assignment. Next, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.

New Turnitin Assignment interface with gear icon to modify settings

Why can't I modify my start and due dates in the settings area of my new Turnitin LTI Assignment?

The new LTI integration uses deep linking for Turnitin assignment creation. This means that the Turnitin Feedback Studio settings are displayed first at the initial point of creation, where all assignment information including dates and optional settings can be entered into Turnitin. Once the Submit button is clicked in the assignment set-up, any shared data fields are passed to Blackboard. This includes: Title, Instructions, Start Date, and Due Date. At this point, any updates made to these fields occur within the Blackboard assignment edit area (click drop-down arrow next to the new Turnitin LTI Assignment link/icon and click "Edit"), which prevents the requirement to update in two locations. To correctly link the Start and Due Dates between Turnitin and Blackboard Learn, these fields require the Adaptive Release functionality that is automatically applied at the point of assignment creation.

Will my students still receive an email receipt after their submission?

Email submission receipts are not currently supported with the new Turnitin LTI 1.3 integration. However, following a submission students are presented with a banner within their assignment dashboard that provides a link to download a submission receipt. They can also access their assignment dashboard at any time to download a copy of the submission receipt using the receipt icon.

Student assignment dashboard showing where to download digital submission receipt

Will I be able to access new Turnitin LTI Assignments through Needs Grading and the Blackboard Grade Center?

Yes, you will be able to access new Turnitin LTI Assignments through Needs Grading and the Blackboard Grade Center. However, when you access a new Turnitin LTI Assignment through the Blackboard Grade Center you will be taken to a new window that overwrites the Blackboard window with no ability to return to your Blackboard course without going through the Blackboard login page again. It is strongly recommended that grading of new Turnitin LTI Assignments be through using the same link/icon that was created for the Turnitin Assignment. When you click on this link/icon to complete your grading, a new Turnitin LTI Assignment tab will open and you will see a list of submitted assignments. When you click on a student assignment to grade, a new Feedback Studio window will be launched which you can close when you are done grading. Once you are done all of your grading, you can navigate back to the tab of your Blackboard course.

There was a grade sync option in the old Turnitin integration, where all grades could be re-synced between Turnitin and Blackboard Learn but I can't locate it within the new Turnitin LTI 1.3 integration.

The Turnitin LTI 1.3 integration offers automatic grade synchronization between the Turnitin LTI Assignment inbox and the Blackboard Grade Center. If any issues are experienced with grade synchronization, please report this to Turnitin support and they will be able to help investigate.

What happens if I accidentally delete an assignment from Blackboard Learn?

Currently, it is not possible to reinstate a Turnitin LTI Assignment in Blackboard Learn that is accidentally deleted. However, the assignment, and any associated submissions, would still continue to exist via the Turnitin website.

Will my Blackboard Grade Center column automatically be deleted if I delete a new Turnitin LTI Assignment?

If a Turnitin LTI Assignment is deleted, the Blackboard Grade Center column is not automatically deleted. Instructors must manually delete the column from the Blackboard Grade Center.